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Executive Employment Law

Employment Law is different for senior executives, managers and high performing employees. Executives need a law firm that understands how corporations have worked. The principal of Floden & Company was a senior executive at a billion dollar company, with a strong understanding of corporate policies, governance, office politics, and how executive teams work. All of that knowledge will be put to work in your file.


Executives need strong, competent, experienced legal representation in order to maximize their outcome, and they can find that at Floden & Company.

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What Should Executives or High Performing Employees do if they are Fired?


Being fired as an executive or high performing Employee can be a terrible experience. It can lead you feeling humiliated, stressed out and unsure of the future. When this happens, it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible

If you are provided with a severance package, it is important to consult with a lawyer as soon as possible in order to see what your options are. These packages are sometimes for the wrong amounts, and they can have provisions which can negatively affect your future career. 

How Much Severance am I entitled to?

Executives can be entitled to large severance packages. Companies will not usually offer all that a high performance employee is entitled to in the initial severance package. In order to calculate the full amount of your entitlement, your employment lawyer will consult the caselaw, but look at factors like your tenure, age, position, number of direct and indirect reports, compensation package and existing written cotnract (if any) in order to advise you how much you should be expecting upon your termination.

What if my Former Employer won't Negotiate?


You have a few options after you have been fired, but the main ones boil down to negotiating, accepting the offer or refusing the offer and litigating. We have achieved excellent results for our clients using all of these tactics. 


We are trial and hearing lawyers and we are not afraid to represent you in whatever hearing setting we must in order to advance your interests.


How Do I Structure My Severance as an Executive?

Severance packages for high level employees can be complicated. There are certain tactics that can be used to maximize your after tax take home amount. Executive Compensation can involve complicated issues such as valuations of stock options, pension issues, and other issues that can become quite complicated from a tax perspective. Floden & Company works with top tax advisors when needed in order to ensure you take home the most money possible in your settlement. 

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