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Edmonton Employment Law

Employment law involves the legal relationship between employees and employers. Issues that can arise in this area range from whether or not pay in lieu of notice is owed, whether an employer had cause to fire and employee, whether there has been bullying, and whether the manner of termination was proper.


When you have been fired as an Employee, an Employer often gives a time-limited offer which expires within a week. If you receive such an offer, it is highly advisable that you consult with a lawyer before accepting it. Often Employers give lower offers than an


employee would otherwise be entitled to. Many people do not realize that Employees can actually negotiate with Employers. The only true deadline is the 2 years to sue the Employer under the Limitations Act.

Floden & Company also has experience in assisting Employers to draft employment agreements and ensure that any terminations do not expose Employers to unnecessary liability.


Oftentimes, both employers and employees are unaware of exactly what their rights are and what regulations and responsibilities they are obligated to adhere to.


This is when a knowledgeable law firm becomes invaluable.


Our lawyers at Floden & Company in Edmonton have extensive experience that you can leverage to manage your employment law concerns - from drafting and negotiating employment policies and contracts to dealing with termination of employment.


We understand the intricacies of employment law.

What is Employment Law?


Simply put, employment law is a set of rules that regulates workplaces that are non-unionized. This is not to be confused with labor law, which regulates unionized workplaces.


While employment law typically focuses on the rights of the employee, it is also useful in protecting the employer as well.


Alberta has a dual track Employment System- the Employment Standards Code and the common law. The Employment standards code is the main legislation regarding Employer/Employee rights on termination.. It has been passed by the Alberta government and sets out minimums that people are entitled to.  


The common law is judge made law. In an employment context awards for Employees under the common law in Alberta tend to be higher than Employment Standards Code amounts.

Protecting Employees

Floden & Company has deep experience in advising terminated employees on their severance rights. We are often engaged to review severance packages and employment agreement. We also get retained to negotiate with Employers. We assist in putting settlement agreements into place, where possible.


If negotiation does not resolve the dispute, Floden & Company will litigate on your behalf.

Protecting Employers


Employers can protect their interests with Employees by having comprehensive, well-drafted employment contracts. If Employers have issues with performance, counsel can advise Employers on how to properly engage progressive discipline. In the event an Employer must end the employment relationship, experienced counsel can help resolve matters without litigation. If matters move to litigation, experienced counsel can defend your interests.

What a Law Firm Can Do For You


Employment law in Alberta is a specialized area with many potential pitfalls


Let our experienced lawyers at Floden & Company address your employment law concerns and look after your interests.


If you are an employee, know that we will fight for you. If you are an employer, we will protect you.

Get in touch with us today.

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