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Corporate Commercial Law Edmonton

We know that you know how to run your business.


But do you know the ins and outs of corporate and commercial law?


Of course not. As a business owner, you can’t be expected to understand the finer details of the law.


That’s why  Floden & Company is available to help you protect and grow your Edmonton business.


Our experienced lawyers have the knowledge you need to keep your investments safe while operating 


your business in the best interest of you, your employees and your clients.

What is Corporate Commercial Law?


Also known as “business law”, corporate commercial law comprises laws that involve companies, such as incorporation, securities, banking and finance, contracts, interactions with employees and bankruptcy.


With business environments ever-changing, corporate and commercial law can help mitigate issues that affect business activities and transactions.


The term corporate commercial law covers a broad scope and can involve interactions with accountants, tax specialists and estate planning professionals.


Corporate commercial lawyers bring expertise in matters including governance, business transactions, commercial real estate deals, leases, and procurement deals.

What are potential Corporate Commercial Issues?


Floden & Company is able to assist in all areas of Corporate Commercial law. Our partners both have large firm and in house experience practicing various areas of corporate-commercial law.

We have experience acting in most areas of corporate law. We assist clients in many areas: from structuring your venture (whether as a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation), to putting in place partnership or shareholder agreements, from entering leases to exiting them; from reviewing to drafting licencing agreements or NDAs; from supplier and employment contracts to dealing with commercial litigation; from mergers and acquisitions to winding down your organization. 

The Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Commercial Lawyer

Floden & Company’s corporate commercial experience is beneficial to our small, medium and large clients. Our clients get top business law experience at small firm pricing.

Proactively Prevent Issues


Rather than focusing your time and resources on solving issues, an experienced corporate commercial lawyer can help you prevent problems before they occur.


By hiring Floden & Company, you can avoid making mistakes and involving your company in devastating legal situations.


While many legal issues can be solved, they require time and money. You can prevent financial loss by following the advice of our experienced team of business lawyers.

Our Commitment to You


Floden & Company is committed to more than providing legal services - we are committed to protecting you and helping your business grow to new heights.

For more information on how our expert team can help your Edmonton company, get in touch with us today.

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