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Edmonton Litigation Lawyers

When you think of a courtroom, what is the first thing that comes to mind?


You may imagine a dramatic criminal trial with a judge, jury, over-the-top lawyers and scads of forensic evidence.


The truth is, the courts exist to protect your rights. And, sometimes, your rights are infringed upon in ways that are not criminal.


If you haven’t been paid by someone, have a disagreement with a business partner, have a 


construction problem, or are wrongfully fired from your place of work, you can turn to the lawyers at Floden & Company in Edmonton, who are knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with litigation.

What is Litigation?


Civil Litigation is the settlement of legal disputes before a court. These disputes involve the infringements of legal rights or injuries that are not criminal in nature.


Litigation is often the first step in what can lead to a court trial and the resolution of the matter.


The first step in litigation in Alberta’s superior courts usually involves a demand letter, which can sometimes lead to resolution of your conflict. If the dispute cannot be resolved, a Statement of Claim or other originating document is filed. The parties exchange documents, and then are afforded the ability to question the other party on their evidence. Finally, if the dispute is not resolved, the matter is set down for trial.


A trial involves using witnesses and evidence in order to tell your story.

The entire proceedings can either be quick and painless or long and drawn out - it all depends on the case and situation.


Having a litigation lawyer by your side, whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant, means having an expert throughout the entire process.

Types of Litigation


While litigation is an umbrella-term that encompasses a multitude of civil matters, the types of litigation are divided into numerous categories.


Rest assured that the lawyers at Floden & Company are specially versed in all matters of litigation, no matter their nature.


To get an idea of the types of litigation recognized by the courts, here are the more common types:

Business and Commercial Litigation


If a dispute that involves a business entity is brought to court, this is considered business and commercial litigation - and these disputes can happen at any level of business. At the superior courts, these sorts of disputes must be handled by a lawyer.


Business and commercial litigation can occur between partners, shareholders, business owners and competing businesses as well as lenders, vendors and other parties.


Commercial litigation is often used in instances of breach of contract, copyright infringement, fraud, unfair competition and defamation.

Employment Litigation


When two or more parties are seeking monetary settlements in lieu of criminal sanctions in a legal dispute, civil litigation laws are used to solve the issue.


This particular form of litigation is often handled by trial lawyers or litigators who specialize in this field of law.


Civil litigation can include landlord/tenant disputes, personal injury, real estate disputes, medical malpractice and product liability.

Estate Litigation


Estate litigation involves disputes relating to the areas of wills and estates.


In these cases, parties fight about the value or entitlement related to wills.

Personal Injury Litigation


Personal injury litigation is used when individuals attend civil court to obtain legal remedy for losses suffered due to an accident.


In these cases, injured parties seek some sort of financial compensation from the party or parties that caused the accident - whether intentionally or carelessly.


Some common examples of personal injury litigation include seeking compensation after an automobile accident or a slip and fall.

Insolvency Litigation


Insolvency occurs when an individual or corporation is unable to meet their obligations. Bankruptcy laws in

Canada can assist individuals and corporations deal with crushing debt burdens. Floden & Company has experience assisting creditors and debtors in various insolvency related applications. We also assist individuals in obtaining discharges from Bankruptcy Court when their discharge has been denied. 


The Roles and Responsibilities of a Litigation Lawyer


Litigation lawyers, or “trial lawyers”, are specially trained to represent plaintiffs and defendants in litigation lawsuits.


They are responsible for managing all phases of litigation from the initial investigation and discovery all the way through the trial, settlement and appeal process.


Floden & Company’s approach to litigation is to advance your interests - whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant


We are committed to being your advocate, no matter the situation, and will move your matter forward as efficiently and effectively as possible.


So whether you are looking to file suit against another individual or entity, or are at the receiving end of a summons, we urge you to contact us today for more information.

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